About USSVI  LA  / Pasadena and our officers.

Here you will find information about us.

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Los Angeles-Pasadena Base/U.S. Submarine Veterans, Inc.
Naval Weapons Station, 800 Seal Beach Blvd., Bldg. 6, Seal Beach, CA
We meet at 1100 on the 3rd Saturday of each month.
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Memorial West

Located just north of U.S. Submarine Veterans Highway on the exterior grounds of Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station sits a “Living Memorial.” This tree-lined, World War II Memorial, dedicated in 1977 pays tribute to the 52 lost submarines and 3505 men who perished. The site is also the home of two other monuments dedicated to the Cold War losses of Thresher and Scorpion. Click on the picture to go to the website.


Commander's Corner

Welcome to the Los Angeles-Pasadena/USSVI base website. We hope you find something here that interests you and that you share your visit with family and friends, especially submarine veterans. We are always interested in visitor comments and suggestions on how to improve this site.
Dave Vanderveen,
Base Commander


LAP/USSVI Base Membership

Los Angeles-Pasadena/USSVI base members invite all submarine veterans to join us on the third Saturday of each month to help perpetuate the memory of all those who gave their lives while serving in submarines and to enjoy sharing sea stories with your shipmates. The only eligibility requirement for USSVI membership is you must have qualified on at least one submarine. Click on Photo above or here, for a downloadable pdf of our membership application.


Main Menu:

Staying Up To Date

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Check here for upcoming events, guest speakers, and other current happenings at the Los Angeles-Pasadena Base/USSVI at the Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station, Bldg. 6, Seal Beach, CA. We meet the third Saturday of every month usually with an E-Board meeting and social hour at 11:00 AM, potluck lunch  12:00 N - 1:00 PM followed by a general meeting and occasional guest speaker.  Any variations to this general schedule will be posted here to keep you up to date.

This is a link to our member page.

Latest Scoop

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The Latest Scoop provides members and prospective members with information regarding what's happening and what is about to happen at the base.  It will include member information, binnacle lists, special programs, submarine memorial project status, and similar items considered of interest to our members.

Western Region Roundoup Information at this link: http://www.wrroundup.com

Past Special Events

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The Past Special Events content includes, as the title suggests, recent events enjoyed by LAP/USSVI Base members such as the USS Iowa tour hosted by our very own Dave Vanderveen, Base Treasurer, and USS Iowa Tour volunteer who did a wonderful job of guiding our group through this remarkable ship providing an informative narrative at every point of interest. Events like this will be featured here to keep members not able to attend informed of the kinds of activities provided and coordinated by base officers and other volunteers.

About Us

Los Angeles/Pasadena Base Officers:

THIS PAGE IS A WORK IN PROGRESS.  The About Us page is a great place to share the history of your company or your website with your visitors. People like to know that there are actual people on the other side of the page.

Dave Vanderveen(Dave Vanderveen Base Commander)

I had the great fortune to go into submarines by accident. I had always planned to join the Navy but intended to do it after college and with a commission. I was working for Standard Oil Company while enrolled at the University of Nevada and got so busy enjoying a good time on all the money I was making as an 18 year old, that I let my grades slip. Rather than take a “Fail”, I dropped a class and immediately lost my Selective Service deferment. The TET Offensive in Viet Nam was underway, and rather than risk the draft, I enlisted in the Navy.

When it came time to complete my “dream sheet” in Boot Camp, I only filled 4 of the 6 rating preferences. When I turned it in, the 1st Class Bo’sun yelled “hey, #&@%head”, put something on every line”. I put Aviation Ordnance on Line 5 and Submarine School as my LAST choice. The very next day, I was getting a submarine physical. When I said, “uh WAIT”, the guy in charge said the Navy was commissioning lots of subs and needed bodies, to get back in line and keep my mouth shut. I was in Submarine School as soon as the bus hauled me away from NTC/RTC San Diego.

My first sub was Cobbler as a school boat, then I went to Stonewall Jackson SSBN 634, homeported in Pearl Harbor, forward based in Guam. I worked in the Blue Crew’s Deck Division as a Mess Cook and standing Helm/Planes watches while I qualified. The XO told me the day I reported that non-rated crewmen would not be kept beyond two patrols, which was the maximum time allowed to qualify in submarines. So, I began striking to be a Torpedoman, made Third Class on my second patrol, and STILL got transferred out to school.

Electronics School, Torpedo “A” School, and Poseidon Launcher “C” School put me onto John C. Calhoun SSBN 630 at Mare Island, among the first boats converted to carry the new missile. Once we got the boat cleaned up after the “yardbirds” left, took her through trials and post-shakedown yard time, we loaded and went to the North Atlantic. She was homeported in Charleston, forward based in Holy Loch, one of the coldest places I’ve ever experienced!

I didn’t know it at the time but found later that the two crews I belonged to on those boats were among the happiest, best running in the submarine fleet. Both boats ran for thirty years, and even at reunions for the two boats, most of the attendees are from the era in which I served and many remark that they were the best of the submarines on which they served.

Two of the best leaders I’ve known were submarine officers, and I learned skills in the boats that I used through the rest of my life, whether related to safe operations, mechanical/electrical/hydraulic systems, patience, or leading and motivating people to perform at their best. Although my time in submarines was short compared to the decades I worked at Standard Oil Company (later Chevron) in a dozen different jobs, it had a huge influence on my life and I wouldn’t trade it for ANYTHING!

Hal Silverman(Hal Silverman, Base Vice Commander, Periscope Newsletter Editor): Enlisted 4/3/58. Sea duty on one DDR and five submarines plus two submarine repair ships. Transferred to Fleet Reserve as STCM(SS) 10/6/1978, and to Navy retired list as LTe 4/3/88. Holland Club member. Qualified in submarines 1960 aboard USS Segundo (SS-398). Now retired and playing saxophone in local music groups and providing admin and website services to professional organizations.

Bill Mike(Bill Moak, Base Secretary): I am the current Base Secretary for the Los Angeles-Pasadena Base of the United States Submarine Veterans, Inc, the National organization of submarine veterans. I served aboard USS Trutta, SS 421, as an EM2 (SS), from 1966-1970.

Mike Swanson (Mike Swanson, Base Treasurer): Served on active duty aboard the USS Sand Lance (SSN 660) from 1970-1974 as an ETN2 (SS). Post military, he worked at Hughes Aircraft Company/Boeing Satallite Systems as a Member of the technical staff designing and testing RF Units for spacecraft. Mike's last position before retirement was System Test Engineer, testing completed spacecraft. Mike is retired and living in the Los Angeles Harbor Area.

personel bio pic(Dennis Bott, Base COB): QM3 (SS) Aboard the nuclear fast attack submarine, USS Sargo SSN 583. Althought retired from the building trades, still spening his time doing woodworking projects and doing jewelry.

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