WD6 Base Commander group,

Message from BC San Diego Base Commander. Looks like a good time, along with a display near the Flight Line of a 688 class submarine (San Diego Base Float).

If you can attend, wear your vest in support.


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From: <sdsubvets@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Feb 27, 2018 at 4:11 PM
Subject: NAF El Centro Air Show - Saturday, March 10th

NAF El Centro, an easy hour and a half/two hours to the East, is holding their 48th Annual Air Show on Saturday, March 10th from 0900 to 1600.
This will be the season opener for The Blue Angels, along with many other exhibitions and demonstrations, and many static displays.
Check out their website:   https://www.elcentroairshow.com/ .
Be sure to check the Do’s and Don’ts in the Information Tab for items you can bring and items prohibited on the Base
and the Flight Line (e.g. ice chests, coolers, pets, glasses containers, etc).
San Diego Base was invited to bring our 688 Class float for a static display near the Flight Line, and we have accepted.
We will have a table with selected memorabilia for sale.
Gates open at 0900 for the General Public.
If you have regular base access (e.g. retired ID), you can likely get on base earlier but be aware the traffic/backup will be significant.
Hope to see you there – if you do attend, wear your vest.
Saturday Air Show Schedule of Events
09:00 am – Gates open to Public
10:30 am – Leap Frogs Launch 
10:55 am - CO Opening Comments
11:00 am – Air Show Start National Anthem/Leap Frogs Flag Jump
11:10 am – HellCat/BearCat Blue Angel Tribute
11:30 am- Red Eagles Formation Team – Yak-52
11:45 am – Ace Maker-T33
12:00 pm – Vickey Benzing-Extra 300
12:15 pm – Leap Frogs
12:30 pm – CAF SoCAL – P51/Zero Dogfight (Strafe/Bomb)
12:45 pm – NanSense/FOD Walk
1:00 pm – Vampire 
1:15 pm – John Collver - SNJ
1:30 pm – TACDEMO
1:55 pm – Planes of Fame- F-86/Mig-15 Dogfight (Wall of Fire)
2:15 pm – NanSense/FOD Walk
2:30 pm – U. S. Navy Flight Demonstration Team – The Blue Angels
Warren Branges
Commander, San Diego Base